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Sucker Rod Pump

Rod pump is also referred to as "insert pump" as its plunger is attached to and moves up and down with the sucker rod string. It is suitable for reducing the time of work over for deep well as it is not necessary to pull all the tubing out of the well hole when checking the pump, which makes the operation quicker and the service life of tubing longer. The rod pump is in a state of "free hanging”, so it is suitable for deviated wells. According to seating mode, rod pump can be divided into two types: cup hold-down and mechanical hold-down. According to anchored position, the pump can be divided into to hold-down pumps and bottom hold-down pumps which include stationary barrel and traveling barrel types.
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Sucker rod pump
Sucker rod pump
Specification Nominal Pump Bore Plunger Length m(ft.) Max O.D. mm Rod in. Tubing in. Pump Constant Stroke
(m3/d) (m)
20-112RHAC 28(1.12) 1.2-1.8 (4-6) 46.7 7月8日 8月23日 0.92 ≤7.5
20-112RHAM 47.6
20-125RHAC 32(1.25) 47.5 3月4日 8月23日 1.14
20-125RHAM 50.2
25-150RHAC 38(1.50) 59.4 3月4日 8月27日 1.64
25-150RHAM 59.5
25-175RHAC 44(1.75) 59.5 3月4日 8月27日 2.24
25-175RHAM 59.5
30-225RHAC 57(2.25) 72.1 3月4日 31/2 3.69
30-225RHAM 74.6

Tubing pump details
The barrel is run into the well with tubing and becomes part of the tubing. The plunger is run into the barrel with sucker rod. Given the tubing size, the bore of the tubing pump suitable is large than that of the rod pump, so the pump rate is higher. For some high volume oil well, larger bore of tubing pump can be run if on-off connector is installed. Tubing pump is the strongest pump. It has large flowing area for fluid and is adaptable for producing viscous fluid.
The Company provides THC pump (Stationary heavy wall cup hold-down tubing), THM pump (Stationary heavy wall method-down tubing pump) and THD (Stationary heavy wall tubing pump, its standing value can not be pulled out).
The pumps are in accordance with API SPEC 11AX standard, and we have the certificate of authority to use the official API monogram.

Specification Nominal Pump Bore Plunger Length m(ft.) Max O.D. mm Rod in. Tubing in. Pump Constant Stroke
(m3/d) (m)
20-125TH 32 1.2-1.8 73 3月4日 8月23日 1.14 ≤7.5
25-125TH 32 (4-6) 88.9 3月4日 8月27日 1.14
20-150TH 38   73 3月4日 8月23日 1.64
25-150TH 38   88.9 3月4日 8月27日 1.64
20-175TH 44   73 3月4日 8月23日 2.24
25-175TH 44   88.9 3月4日 8月27日 2.24
25-225TH 57   88.9 3月4日 8月27日 3.69
30-275TH 70   108 7月8日 31/2 5.5
35-325TH 83   116 7月8日 4 7.7
40-375TH 95   116 1 Feb-41 10.26
35-425TH 108   147 11月8日 4 13.18

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