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Sucker rods and pony rods

Date: Jan 15, 2020
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Sucker rods and pony rods


Today we have just finished the delivery of pony rods and sucker rods for our customer in Kazakhstan. We are happy that our customer are very satisfied with our quality and price.

Usually we use steel frame to pack our sucker rods, this time we improved our packing , we applied steel plate to protect the two ends of sucker rods, so beside the thread protectors the steel plate can also prevent damages during the long way delivery.


The sucker rod sizes are 3/4”x25 feet , 1”x25 feet. Grade D and T grade sucker rod coupling.

The sucker rod material is AISI 4130.


Sucker rods can also be equiped with sucker rod guides( sucker rod centralizers) or scrapers.

Sucker rod centralizers or rod guides keep the rod and couplings away from the tubing to eliminate the internal tubing wear, also can keep paraffin off the tubing as paraffin scrapers . Pony rod is also widely used in oilwell, which connected the sucker rod pumps for oil production.

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