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Positive Centralizer

Our positive centralizers are uniquely designed with flat bottom U profile of different depths for deviated and horizontal wells. The positive centralizers can prevent differential sticking and increase hole cleaning through the enhanced flow created.
The following positive centralizers available:


Hinged non-welded positive centralizer

Hinged non-welded straight blade positive bar centralizers are held in place with locking tabs on specially formed end collars. With straight bows for casing operations, this centralizer provides extremely high stand-off when run inside.

Features and benefits

Designed for use in deviated and horizontal wells, cased hole and liner overlap;

The rib design allows for optimized fluid flow;

The hinged design makes installation convenient;

The disassembled design can greatly reducing shipping cost;

The interlocking design between the end collar and bow spring makes it a strong, reliable centralizer.


Slip on welded positive centralizer

Slip on welded spiral blade positive bow centralizer is designed for horizontal and extended reach wells where requires higher strength and rotation to install casing.


Features and benefits

  Slip-on design with straight or spiral steel bars;

  When run in open hole, bow centralizer is allowed to rotate;

  Allow centralizer to function as a bearing;

  Install between two Antelope stop collars, or a stop collar and coupling.


The sizes from 4 1/2 to 20 inches sizes are available. We can also provide customized service.


When ordering, please specify:

Casing size

Hole size

If impossible, the required length of the positive centralizer


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