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Stage Collar

Stage collar is a mechanical tool used to complete the cementing operation into two times. Stage collar mainly consists of two-stage coupling (body), first-stage plug, baffle plate, free fall opening plug (it is used when you use the non-continuous process) or pump-down opening plug (it is used when you use the continuous process), closing plug
1. It uses out-closing structure and locking device on the closing sleeve. The lock is reliable after the closing.
2. The liquid would not occur in the loculum when opening or closing.
3. The I.D. of upper/lower sub should be the same as that of casing, it can protect the body of stage collar from damaging when the bits going down and doing drill-out operation.
4. All the accessories are made of drillable rubber or aluminum material. They have the function of anti-rotation, and can make the drill out easy.
5. You can use the pumping-down plug to carry out continuous process.
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stage collar
stage collar
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