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Solid Body Centralizer

Rigid centralizer also called solid body centralizer are constructed of high strength corrosion resistance steel. This kind of centralizers are available in straight steel blade and spiral blade. The rigid solid centralizers are made as per required length by customers. We have common rigid solid body casing centralizers and solid body centralizers with set screws.
The following solid body centralizers are available:

Steel welded solid body centralizer


Our welded solid rigid centralizers are designed for vertical, highly deviated and horizontal wells.


This kind of solid body centralizers are made of heavy alloy steel, they can withstand high axial loads.


The sturdy welded rigid centralizer can provide uniform casing support, while the circular blade can reduce the torque and resistance of the casing during operation.


Vane ends are beveled 30 degrees relative to casing centerline to provide excellent lead into restrictions and reduce resistance when entering the hole.


The solid rigid centralizer type is used in areas that require good one-time cementing operations, including deflection and horizontal wells.


The body of the centralizer are made of a tube which inside diameter are precisely processed by machine, can be fit onto vairous casings.


Straight vane and spiral vane solid centralizers are available.


Available in 4 1/2 to 20 sizes.



Steel welded solid body centralizer with set screws


The solid body centralizer can be fixed in place with an integral fixing screw to avoid rotation and reciprocating movement during the cementing process.


The slip on steel solid body centralizer with set screws enhances the retention of common solid rigid centralizers by combining uniformly spaced integral set screws with welded steel bars.


No need for a stop ring, the set screws  activate a greater holding force , making the solid body centralizers economical and reliable


When ordering, please specify:

Casing size
Hole size
Rigid spiral centralizer or rigid straight blade centralizer
If impossible, the required length of the solid body centralizer

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solid body centralizer
solid body centralizer
solid body centralizer
solid body centralizer
solid body centralizer
solid body centralizer
solid body centralizer
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