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Single Piece Centralizer

Date: Jul 05, 2019
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Today one of our customers which cooperates with us for many years confirmed us an order for single piece centralizers type of casing centralizers. This kind of single piece of centralizers are cut out of pipes. They have no any welding line so they have close tolerance, zero running force and better restoring force.
The single piece centralizers are our hot sale products, and we have received good feedback from our customers. Our single piece centralizers can meet high requirements of clients from USA and Russia. We export more than forty thousand pieces of casing centralizers every year. We also can make other type of casing centralizers like bow spring type casing centralizers, solid body centralizers (rigid centralizers), composite centralizers (polymer centralizers), stamped centralizers, etc.
We can make many sizes of casing centralizers from 4”-26”, and we can make special sizes according to customers’ requirements
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