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composite centralizer manufacturer

Date: Oct 12, 2020
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Zhengzhou,October 12nd, 2020



We are manufacturer of composite centralizers( polymer centralizers) which is used during running and cementing operations to centralize casing.


We have just completed 2500 composite centralizers in different sizes for our old customer. 


Composite centralizer is made of advanced composite, the one-piece centralizer has a low coefficient of friction, is heat resistant, and is highly durable. The rigid design is designed to reduce resistance by extending the horizontal portion while providing sufficient annular clearance


Slip on spiral blade composite centralizer is one common type and it is designed for horizontal application and maintains integrity in extreme temperatures and is resistant to high impact and wear. We also have composite centralizer with steel rings on both ends, the rings can make the ID of the centralizer more precise.


We also can install rollers on the spiral or straight blades of the composite centralizer, which can make the firction lower during running the casings.


Our composite centralizer is one-piece type which made using previously finished molds. Our centralizers can pass kinds of stress tests for the blades and the body.


Working with suppliers and customers, we are constantly improving the performance of centralizers, such as new and providing high-quality materials to improve wear resistance, reduce friction and temperature rise and side load capacity.



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