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Manufcturing process of solid rigid centralizers

Date: Nov 09, 2020
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Manufcturing process of solid rigid centralizers


Zhengzhou,November 9th, 2020


Solid rigid centralizers have many types with different heights, vanes,materials and productive technology. And different  types of rigid centralizers are used in different well conditions .


The aluminum spiral solid casing centralizer was developed to meet the better cementing needs in deviated and horizontal wells. The unique design ensures the best flow area, sturdiness and impact resistance. These casing centralizers can also withstand higher wellbore temperatures while providing maximum horizontal spacing.



The design of the solid blade straight blade centralizer can provide a fixed shell support without being affected by side loads. This good isolation helps ensure that the cement is evenly distributed around the wellbore.


The first step for the welded spiral vane rigid centralizers is cut the appropriate tubes which ID is suitable for the OD of outer casings into customized length, and then weld the vanes on the tubes. To guarantee the ID of rigid centralizer is precise, we usually will lathe the ID. Finally the rigid centralizers will be powder painted in required colors.


Slip-on design can be directly installed on the end of the casing pin between the stop ring or casing ring


Longer round blades reduce friction and improve the convenience of casing operation


Solid rigid centralizers are a series of casing centralizers, which are an integral part of cementing treatment. They are made of solid steel bars or cast iron with a fixed blade height, and are sized to fit a specific casing or hole size.


It can be made of steel or aluminum materials, with a spiral or straight blade-shaped structure, standard sizes and customized sizes can match different casing sizes and wellbore conditions. Roller centralizers can also be provided according to customer requirements.

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