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types of casing centralizers

Date: Dec 04, 2020
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Zhengzhou,December 4th, 2020




Casing centralizer is used for centralizing casing pipe lines when runs them in oil borehole. Centralizers can help to run casings smoothly and flow the slurry during cementing process. It plays an important role as casing accessories.


Casing centralizers have a lot of types which are applied to different cases.


Bow spring casing centralizers are also classified into hinged welded bow spring centralizer, hinged non-welded bow spring centralizer and double bow casing centralizer.


This design is very common in casing operation and strikes a good balance between wellbore performance and cost. The spring steel bow and arrow are welded to the rigid end ring to provide support for the bow and arrow. They are available in sliding and hinged configurations to aid installation. The bow spring centralizer can provide good borehole support, and has a good restoring force, and has a variety of shapes and lengths, which can meet the needs of most wells.


Rigid centralizers are made by welding vanes on one tube. The vanes can be straight or spiral. So there are straight vane rigid centralizers and spiral vane rigid centralizer.


Solid welded blade centralizers provide high strength in horizontal and extension wells, where rotation is required to get the casing to the bottom. The rigid rod is welded to the centralizer collar to provide design strength and durability. Rigid centralizers have a variety of configurations, including hinged and sliding, with straight blades and spiral designs. Rigid centralizers can also be made of composite materials, which can reduce resistance and enable conventional casing to run in a longer well wall. In some configurations, a set screw is used to lock the centralizer in place on the casing joint to provide additional fixing force.


Composite centralizer made of advanced composite materials,

has low friction coefficient, heat resistance and

Highly durable. Composite materials can reliably function even under extreme conditions

Wellbore conditions. Unlike many plastic centralizers, this centralizer

Withstand high impact loads and highly wear-resistant.

The composite centralizer has a smooth cone structure, which can be easily realized

Pass through obstacles in the borehole, making it ideal for leveling

application. Centralizer makes the casing string reach the total depth

Efficiently provide the best support for mud replacement, and greatly

Strengthen cementing operations.


One piece centralizers were made by one steel plate or by one piece pipe.

This kind of casing centralizer has a very good performance in drilling operation.


There are also stamped centralizers( also called hollow vane centralizer), aluminium centralizers, roller casing centralizers, and tubing centralizers.



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