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Improvement of one piece centralizer

Date: Jan 24, 2022
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 Improvement of one piece centralizer


One piece casing centralizer is our main product,


The one piece casing centralizer is our company’s main advantage product. After several years of production, we have improved the performance of the one piece centralizer according to customer’s requirements and product research and development.

Not only the improvement of raw materials, we have also made major breakthroughs in the production process. We select excellent raw material suppliers and improve the production process.

We use seamless steel tubes as raw materials to produce our bow centralizers. Our bow centralizers are laser cut out of seamless steel tubes, then we press the bow, make heat treatment,  then adjust the inner diameter and outer diameter, and finally spray plastic, and finally become Finished product.


We have also improved our packaging, we no longer use wooden boxes, but use pallets with plastic film packaging, so that customers can recycle pallets without disposing of waste wooden boxes.

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