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Chiksan joint

Date: Mar 04, 2022
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The technical parameters and performance of the Chiksan Joint conform to the API 6A specification. Its product specification level is PLS3 and its performance level is PR2, and it is interchangeable with similar products from SPM.

 Cold Working Pressure  of chiksan swivel joint is from 6,000 to 20,000 psi.

The Nominal Size could be 2 inches to 4 inches with end connection of  Fig 602, Fig 1002, Fig 1502, Fig 2202 or Line Pipe Thread. The Style of chiksan joint includes 10, 20, 30, 40, 50, 60, 70, 80, 100

 Design features.

1. The 90-degree Chiksan Joint is connected by a hammer union, which has the characteristics of flexibility, quick tightening, unloading, pressure resistance and sealing, and is convenient for transportation and storage;

2. The three-row fairway design of the long radius Chiksan Joint can effectively bear the heavy load and radial load. Make it stable under pressure, and less vibration in the pipeline when under variable load;

3. The size of each connection is exactly the same as that of FMC's similar products in cementing and fracturing equipment, with strong interchangeability;

4. The wall thickness is uniform, the service life is long, and the conveying fluid is smoother;

5. The seal is made of hydrogenated nitrile rubber with good sealing performance;

6. The seal is equipped with a metal discharge ring, and a pressure relief hole is designed at the same time. When the seal leaks, it will automatically decompress to prevent pressure from accumulating in the ballway cavity, greatly improving the safety of use;

7. The on-site maintenance of the high-pressure Chiksan Joint usually only requires occasional addition of lubricating oil to ensure its normal operation.

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