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sucker rod guide manufacturer

Date: Jun 14, 2022
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Sucker rod guide


We have just completed a very urgent order for sucker rod guide, and the customer is quite satisfied with our products. Especially our delivery speed and short delivery time, we completed the customer's order within one week and delivered them to the customer's company by express.


This kind of sucker rod centralizer is made of ultra-high molecular weight polymer and processed by international technology. It has strong holding force, good skid resistance and strong tensile strength. It is mainly used for righting and wax scraping of oil production inclined wells. The centralizer has stable performance and good centralization effect, and is highly praised by the majority of engineering and technical personnel on the oil production site. The sucker rod centralizer is made of special nylon, which is formed at one time and has good wear resistance without damaging the tubing. The product is easy to operate and can effectively slow down eccentric wear, protect oil pipes and prolong pump inspection cycle.


Due to the automatic opening and closing structure of the sliding valve, this kind of sucker rod guide can avoid scaling and wax deposition on the body, but try to avoid wax deposition points when installing this sucker rod centralizer.


The installation density of this kind of sucker rod guide should be properly increased at the places with serious eccentric wear in the oil well, which can play a better role in centralizing the sucker rod.

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