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sucker rod couplings spray metal grade

Date: Jul 28, 2022
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Sucker rod coupling spray metal grade


Sucker rod coupling is one of our main products, which can be divided into T-class sucker rod coupling, SM (spray metal) sucker rod coupling and UHS coupling. We can make full-size sucker rod couplings and slim hole couplings, and whether to make wrench flat on the couplings according to the different requirements of customers. We can also produce various sizes of crossover couplings, the sizes from 5/8 "to 3/4", from 3/4 " to 7/8", from 7/8 " to 1",  from 1 " to 1-1/8".


We have just completed thousands of spray metal(SM) sucker rod couplings, and our customers are very satisfied with our quality and delivery time, despite the price of nickel powder doubled due to the war between Russia and Ukraine. Our sprayed metal sucker rod couplings have always kept a low price and won the trust of our customers.

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